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Alpha Upsilon Chapter Basilei


The highest honor in every Omega Chapter is the title of Basileus.

The title means “Leader of Leaders” and /or President is granted

by election of the Brothers.


The following men have achieved this honor and have served

Alpha Upsilon chapter with humility and distinction.

YEAR BASILEUS                    
1st 1949-51 Clarence N. Johnson
2nd 1952-55 Eddison V. Bowman
3rd 1956-57 John Melvin Coleman
4th 1958-59 James E. Spaulding
5th 1960-63

Oliver D. Wallcott

6th 1964-65 Issac D. Frasier
7th 1966-67 John E. Williams
8th 1968-69  George K. Lynch
9th 1970 Earnest George
10th 1971 Carl F. Taylor
11th 1972 Jonathan P. Nelson
12th 1973-74 Oliver D. Wallcott
13th 1975-77 William C. McCoy
14th 1978-80 George B. Thomas
15th 1981-84 Ladda B. Cook
16th 1985 Joseph Jones
17th 1986-88 Julius H. Cromwell
18th 1989 Delano Dubison & Daryl L. Avery
19th 1990-94 Daryl L. Avery
20th 1995-98 Garnold M. King II
21st  1999-00 David G. Bond
22nd 2000-04 Harold Valle
23rd 2005-06 Kyle D. Plant
24th 2007-10 Kirk K. Wilkinson
25th 2010-11 Michael B. Tucker
26th 2011-13 John O. Reives, Jr.
27th 2014-15 Glenn Chapman
28th 2016 Steve R. Liverpool